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5 Advantages of Having your Carpet Professionally Cleaned


If you wonder whether a professional carpet cleaning service is an investment worth making, you should know that there is no other method or product that can compete with an expert approach. From the latest technologies to effective cleaning hacks, a reputable carpet cleaning company can rescue even the messiest rug. Even if your carpet is in good shape, expert help is something you shouldn't underestimate. Move on to find out five wonderful benefits you can count on when you trust the pros with carpet maintenance:


  • Flawless appearance - the moment you install your brand-new carpet, you may feel proud of making the right call. In course of time, however, your rug would start losing its initial beauty, unless being professionally cleaned. With the right carpet cleaning company, you can be sure that the looks of your carpet would be preserved and its softness would stay intact as well. There is no need to hesitate about calling the pros - once they are ready with your rug, you would immediately notice a huge improvement in its vision.


  • Safer environment - no doubt you are unwilling to compromise with your health, yet have you ever thought about the air at your place? Dirty carpets are full of dust that has to be eliminated for you to feel safe at home. Because carpets are great in trapping germs and grime, no wonder why they may trigger allergic reactions. Surely you would want to avoid such problems and this is when a professional carpet cleaning company comes to the rescue. Experts work with powerful equipment that can extract trapped dirt much more effectively than your regular vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, well-trained professionals apply the best cleaning solutions that are safe not only for your health but for the environment as well.


  • No nasty smells - if unpleasant smells linger at your place and you can't figure out where they come from, chances are your carpet is to blame. In addition to trapping dirt and bacteria, carpets tend to trap all kinds of odours as well, including the ones you don't want at home. Although you can apply various store-bought cleaning products to eliminate those smells, a professional carpet cleaning company is the most certain way to go. That's because the service includes deep cleaning the carpet, which means the solutions your company uses should reach deep inside the carpet's fibres. This way nasty smells disappear without you even lift a finger.


  • No stubborn stains - let's admit is - owning a carpet inevitably leads to stained floors. Of course, with a quick reaction and a powerful cleaning detergent you can rid your rug of the most typical spots, but what about unaddressed accidents? Unfortunately, you can't always act on a stain right away, that's why your carpet probably shows a spot or two you can't eliminate by yourself. Fear not, no matter how stained your carpet is, a reliable cleaning company can tackle any sort of mess. Experts have deep knowledge on almost each carpet stain and they own the necessary tools to remove it completely.


  • Greater durability - you invested a lot of money to get the perfect carpet for your home and naturally you would like to keep it perfect for as long as possible. You realise that cleaning the rug at least once a week is a must, but hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is just as important. Thanks to the effective methods experts rely on, your carpet would stay clean for a longer period, which prolongs its lifespan.


Now that you discovered all the advantages of having your carpet professionally cleaned, you should no longer wonder if booking service is a wise choice. Let the professionals take care of your rug - you wouldn't regret the investment you made.


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Top 6 Carpet Cleaning tools to Invest In


To make sure the environment at home is safe and healthy, your carpet should be free for germs and dust. As a newbie in carpet cleaning, you would be impressed with the number of tools and detergents that promise excellent carpet maintenance. In fact, you need just a few cleaning tools that, however, really meet the needs of your rug. Below you can find a list of the most effective carpet cleaning tools you wouldn't regret investing in:


  • Vacuum cleaner – this carpet cleaning tool is what any household should benefit from to effectively deal with dust and dirt on the carpet. Contaminants that get absorbed by your rug pose a threat to the health of family members, that’s why regular vacuum cleaning sessions are a must. Bear in mind that deep cleaning the carpet with a vacuum also extends the lifespan of the rug, so investing in a top-quality tool is a wise choice.


  • Stain remover – even the most careful carpet owners face spills on the carpet every once in a while and this is when a powerful cleaning solution saves the day. Although lots of people choose to count on store-bought cleaning detergents, cleaning the carpet naturally is an opportunity you shouldn’t underestimate. Treat greasy stains with vinegar and eliminate nasty odours with baking soda. It may take you some time to discover the most suitable eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution, but the results are worth your effort.


  • Steam cleaner – steam cleaning your carpet once a month allows you to eliminate grime your vacuum cleaner might have missed, as well as stubborn carpet stains you find difficult to get rid of manually. A steam cleaner uses hot water under pressure and an appropriate cleaning detergent to reach deep inside your carpet’s fibres, thus granting excellent disinfection. Even though you can invest in a steam cleaning machine of your own, you can also take advantage of a professional steam cleaning service. Either way, steam cleaning is a technique that can help you achieve perfect carpet disinfection.


  • Clean towels – because carpets are prone to staining, you should rely on effective spot cleaning hacks that would ensure your rug preserves its outstanding beauty. In addition to your favourite carpet cleaning solution, you should always have clean towels at your disposal, so that the spot cleaning process is complete. To make sure you wouldn’t transfer germs and bacteria from the towel to the stain, you should work only with clean towels to dry your carpet with. Add the towels to your carpet cleaning arsenal and use them for that purpose solely.


  • Paper towels – unlimited access to paper towels is crucial when a nasty spill happens on the carpet and your quick reactions are the best approach. Once the accident occurs, the future of your rug is at stake, so grab your paper towels and soak up as much liquid as possible. Then move on with the most appropriate stain treating procedure to get rid of the mess entirely. For the purpose, you can also use microfiber cloths, yet paper towels are your easier option. Keep them close by, so that you don’t need to waste time searching and be able to act on the spill immediately.


  • Protective tools – your carpet wouldn’t require as much attention as you think if you keep it protected in the first place. Dust and grime are mostly caused by foot traffic, so try to limit it by investing in area rugs that would deal with serious traffic at home. You can also install furniture pads so that your carpet would be safe from dents heavy pieces of furniture often cause.


Preserving the carpet in excellent condition becomes a simpler task when you are familiar with the most effective cleaning equipment. Take advantage of these six solutions, so that your rug can stay fresh and clean until the next cleaning session.


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A Cleaning Guide of the most Common Carpet Stains

Cleaning your carpet is sometimes an easy deal, but sometimes it is also quite a tough task to do. Especially, when you are cleaning the stains from your carpet mostly carpets are come up in light colors so sometimes to taking care of your carpet means that you need to put extra care and effort by vacuuming and dry cleaning it on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. But what if during this time, your carpet affected by a stain and plus your carpet color is also light? What will you do then?


Honestly saying, not all the time you can dry clean your carpet as the first thing is it really cost you, secondly, it also affects on the life of the carpet and continuously dry cleaning also become the reason of your carpet roughness.


To consider this all, today in this article, I come up with some quick and effective home base tricks and techniques through which, you can easily clean your carpet and get rid of carpet stains without spending a lot of amount of carpet services and dry cleaning.

So let’s get the ball rolling and explore the solutions together.


Tips and tricks to get rid of common carpet stains


1. One highly effective trick that for surely removes your common carpet stains within a few minutes is a detergent or dishwashing trick with vinegar and soda.


For applying this trick, what you all need to do is simply take a one spoon liquid dishwasher/ detergents with some warm water and min it well, once you have mixed it mannerly then add some vinegar and also few amounts of soda on that mixture and then mix them all well. Once you have done with mixing then take a damp cotton cloth and start blotting it over the stain areas. Make sure that you aren’t rubbing it on the stain.


You can take a spray bottle and put your mixture in it and then spray it and blot. You can repeat this process until you start getting a result. Most of the times you start getting a result of removing the stains within minutes, and most of the times, it takes 20 to 30 minutes as it depends on the stain.


But doing this process means you will definitely get rid of the stain. After this, you can dry and vacuum that specific area of stain mannerly.


2. A second alternative approach is applying a soda. You can also directly apply a soda on your carpet stain and then blot it with the help of a cloth. Similarly, you can also mix soda with water or put it over the stain as it also works in the same way and helps you to remove the stain from your carpet.


But in case you can’t be able to arrange soda, then what else you need to do is white wine. White wine also does the same thing like the soda but make sure that once you realize that the stain is completely removed from your carpet then absorb the remaining fluid of white wine or soda water with the help of your cotton cloth or even from the kitchen absorbent paper.


After this, dry that stain area properly so that it gives you a feeling of clean and fresh like the new one.


3. Another quick trick which you can apply Is a vinegar with water. You can easily add vinegar drops in your water and dab it on the stained area. Make sure you are not rubbing or scrubbing it. In all the tricks what you all need to do is simply dab it with the help of a cotton cloth. By doing this, you will see the result of reducing the satin within couple of minutes.


After doing this, don’t forget to dry that specific area


At last, the above-mentioned tricks are super easy, and you can easily find these ingredients at your home. So like there is no need to spend an extra amount of money just for the sake of carpet stain cleaning.


Simply try these tricks at your home, and you will see the amazing and incredible stain removing results on your carpet without any asking.


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6 Carpet Cleaning Secrets from the Pros


Carpets provide warmth and comfort and make your home more elegant and stylish. That is why it is very important to keep them clean and well-maintained. However, this can be a difficult task, especially with all the spills and spots occurring continuously. Today you are going to learn a few tips on how to deal with this problem. Listen to professionals and make your carpet cleaner and more beautiful than ever.

  1. Shoes at the door – shoes have a big role in tracking mud and dirt inside your home. If you tend to step with them on the carpet, the situation gets even worse. What should you do? Build a habit to leave your shoes by the front door. You can put them on some mat you have bought especially for that aim. And make sure that every member of your family does the same.

  2. Do not go bare foot either – this one will probably surprise you. Well, your feet may be clean, but there are natural oils in the skin. These can transfer onto the carpet pile, leaving a residue, which is no good. When it becomes a little sticky, it starts to attract various dirt particles, thus giving the carpet a soiled and unpleasant look. So, you‘d better wear socks or some indoor slippers in order to avoid this risk.

  3. Deal with spills immediately – no matter if you have other duties and responsibilities, a spill should be treated right after it has taken place. The longer it is left to remain on the carpet, the harder it will be to remove. Take all the necessary measures immediately and you will save yourself a lot of time and effort in the future.

  4. Ice for gums – if there are kids in the house, you may have had problems with gums stuck on your carpet. They are very sticky and messy, aren‘t they? Get a few ice cubes and place them on the gum for one or two minutes. That way it will freeze quickly and you can remove it from the carpet by using a spoon or a spatula.

  5. Regular vacuuming – it will help you eliminate any dirt particles before they embed deeply into the carpet pile. And your carpet is going to look a lot fresher and shinier, too. Carpet cleaning experts recommend that you do the vacuuming at least once a week or even more often in the high traffic areas.

  6. The right choice of carpet – and last but not least, when you choose a new carpet for a certain room in your house, make this choice wisely. The carpet ought to entirely suit your lifestyle. What does that mean? For example, if you or your children like to eat in the living room, consider a carpet in dark shades. In case you have white-haired pets and you cannot find time for vacuuming the carpet every day, then the lighter tones will be the right choice for you.

And do not forget, you can always call a professional carpet cleaning company to help you get back the excellent and healthy condition of your favourite carpet.

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6 common carpet stains and how to remove them

There are a lot of stains that your carpet will face throughout its life. It is how you deal with them that determines how long the carpet remains in decent condition. Whether it is your child, your pet or perhaps your own self to blame, it pays to learn how to tackle the most common stains that occur in homes.



  • Chocolate – chocolate is undoubtedly one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you love the sweet goodness in all its forms, perhaps you have dealt with chocolate stains in the past. Whether you find a fresh stain or one that has already melted on the carpet, the first thing you need to do is scoop up as much of it as possible. Vacuum any loose particles. Then, mix a quarter teaspoon of dish soap with a cup of warm water. Apply it on a cloth and work the fabric from outside of the stain moving in. Leave it for a few minutes and then blot it. If the stain is still present, repeat the process.
  • Coloured drink – children love coloured drinks, but you will find them less amusing once you see such stain on the carpet. When you encounter such stain, blot up with a dry towel, to remove as much of the liquid as possible. Don’t scrub, as that would make the stain near impossible to remove. When you are done, mix water, vinegar and some soap in a spray bottle. Apply on the spot, let it sit for 10 minutes and then blot again with a dry towel.
  • Blood – if someone gets hurt and blood ends up on the carpet, you needn’t despair. The trick is using cold water because the warm temperature will set the stain instead. Mix the water with a grease-fighting dish in a spray bottle. Apply on the stain, leave for 5 minutes and then blot. Repeat if necessary.
  • Coffee – if you accidentally spill coffee on the carpet, you must act quickly. Thankfully, you don’t need any particular cleaning solution. As long as you blot the excess coffee, apply some water and blot again, the stain should be easy to remove. If it proves more difficult than that, you can use some shaving cream to lift it off.
  • Chewing gum – chewing gum stuck on the carpet may seem like a big problem for you, but you can easily expel it. To do this, simply apply ice cubes to it till it hardens. Once it is hard enough, gently scrape it off the area with a dull knife or a spatula. Be careful not to tear the carpet fibres.
  • Ink – addressing the stain quickly enough is the only way to remove ink from the carpet. Apply some rubbing alcohol on a clean towel and press it onto the stain. Leave it there half an hour and then rinse with water.

These are all common stains that your carpet will face. At least now you know how to address them so that they don’t cause any trouble.



At London Carpet Cleaners we are eager to teach you further carpet cleaning techniques. Check with us online or by calling 020 8626 7977.


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