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Top 6 Carpet Cleaning tools to Invest In


To make sure the environment at home is safe and healthy, your carpet should be free for germs and dust. As a newbie in carpet cleaning, you would be impressed with the number of tools and detergents that promise excellent carpet maintenance. In fact, you need just a few cleaning tools that, however, really meet the needs of your rug. Below you can find a list of the most effective carpet cleaning tools you wouldn't regret investing in:


  • Vacuum cleaner – this carpet cleaning tool is what any household should benefit from to effectively deal with dust and dirt on the carpet. Contaminants that get absorbed by your rug pose a threat to the health of family members, that’s why regular vacuum cleaning sessions are a must. Bear in mind that deep cleaning the carpet with a vacuum also extends the lifespan of the rug, so investing in a top-quality tool is a wise choice.


  • Stain remover – even the most careful carpet owners face spills on the carpet every once in a while and this is when a powerful cleaning solution saves the day. Although lots of people choose to count on store-bought cleaning detergents, cleaning the carpet naturally is an opportunity you shouldn’t underestimate. Treat greasy stains with vinegar and eliminate nasty odours with baking soda. It may take you some time to discover the most suitable eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution, but the results are worth your effort.


  • Steam cleaner – steam cleaning your carpet once a month allows you to eliminate grime your vacuum cleaner might have missed, as well as stubborn carpet stains you find difficult to get rid of manually. A steam cleaner uses hot water under pressure and an appropriate cleaning detergent to reach deep inside your carpet’s fibres, thus granting excellent disinfection. Even though you can invest in a steam cleaning machine of your own, you can also take advantage of a professional steam cleaning service. Either way, steam cleaning is a technique that can help you achieve perfect carpet disinfection.


  • Clean towels – because carpets are prone to staining, you should rely on effective spot cleaning hacks that would ensure your rug preserves its outstanding beauty. In addition to your favourite carpet cleaning solution, you should always have clean towels at your disposal, so that the spot cleaning process is complete. To make sure you wouldn’t transfer germs and bacteria from the towel to the stain, you should work only with clean towels to dry your carpet with. Add the towels to your carpet cleaning arsenal and use them for that purpose solely.


  • Paper towels – unlimited access to paper towels is crucial when a nasty spill happens on the carpet and your quick reactions are the best approach. Once the accident occurs, the future of your rug is at stake, so grab your paper towels and soak up as much liquid as possible. Then move on with the most appropriate stain treating procedure to get rid of the mess entirely. For the purpose, you can also use microfiber cloths, yet paper towels are your easier option. Keep them close by, so that you don’t need to waste time searching and be able to act on the spill immediately.


  • Protective tools – your carpet wouldn’t require as much attention as you think if you keep it protected in the first place. Dust and grime are mostly caused by foot traffic, so try to limit it by investing in area rugs that would deal with serious traffic at home. You can also install furniture pads so that your carpet would be safe from dents heavy pieces of furniture often cause.


Preserving the carpet in excellent condition becomes a simpler task when you are familiar with the most effective cleaning equipment. Take advantage of these six solutions, so that your rug can stay fresh and clean until the next cleaning session.


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