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6 Magical Carpet Cleaning Hacks to Completely Restore Your Carpet



Whether you live in a huge house outside the city or in a modest apartment downtown, furnishing your place with a beautiful carpet can make space feel cosier than you imagine. Unfortunately, carpets are not the easiest solution when it comes to cleaning, which is why you should master special methods to address any problem with. If you worry that your carpet would lose its perfect appearance very quickly, fear not. Here are six amazing cleaning hacks you should try when the outstanding shape of your rug is at stake:


  • Blot spills – sooner or later you would be faced with food or liquids spilt on the carpet and only the right cleaning method can save the rug from serious damage. To properly treat carpet spillages, remember that you should never scrub or rub the mess. Just grab paper towels or a clean towel and blot the spot. Absorb as much of the spill as possible and then move on with your cleaning detergent.


  • Use the lint roller – putting the lint roller in action is a magical carpet cleaning hack, which pet owners would no doubt appreciate. The goal of this tool is to facilitate removing hairs stuck in your rug’s fibres. When your vacuum cleaner fails to extract hairs your shedding pet has left behind, take the lint roller and start tackling the task. Depending on the carpet you have, completing the job successfully may take only a few minutes. For shaggy carpets, however, you should be prepared to invest a little more time in collecting hairs with the lint roller.


  • Deodorise the carpet – another hack pet owners would gladly benefit from is using baking soda as a natural deodorizer for the carpet. This powerful ingredient can absorb unwanted smells from the carpet, leaving the rug freshly scented. Just sprinkle the surface generously with baking soda and wait a few hours before you vacuum clean. No matter the source of the nasty odour your carpet has been trapping, baking soda would eliminate it right away.


  • Fight oily stains – you would be right to assume oily carpet stains are extremely difficult to remove. But not if you have baking soda by your side – the ingredient is capable of so much more than deodorising the carpet. So in case you have to fight oily mess on the carpet, take the box of baking soda and sprinkle the stain generously. Again, you should wait a few hours before you vacuum clean the area. The result is worth waiting for because baking soda would absorb oily residue, thus making the stain much easier to tackle.


  • Remove nail polish stains – you have spilt nail polish on your squeaky clean carpet and you have no idea how to approach the stain? Don’t worry, a little rubbing alcohol can restore the perfect looks of your carpet. First, try to remove as much of the dried nail polish as possible using the dull side of a knife. After that soak a clean towel with rubbing alcohol and gently blot the affected part of the carpet. This hack is supposed to help you to dissolve what’s left of the nail polish, transferring it from the carpet to the towel.


  • Refresh a light-coloured carpet – if the carpet at your place is light-coloured, you know how quickly it begins to look dirty, especially in high traffic areas. These regular dirt stains can be banished from the rug applying nothing else but some shaving cream. Rub the product on the spot and let it stay there for a while. That’s all you have to do, your beige or white carpet would look brand-new again.


Although carpets might be challenging to maintain, they remain one of the prettiest solutions homeowners continue to invest in. Now that you have discovered these effective carpet cleaning hacks, you can rest assured your rug would preserve its beauty for a long time.


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