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A Cleaning Guide of the most Common Carpet Stains

Cleaning your carpet is sometimes an easy deal, but sometimes it is also quite a tough task to do. Especially, when you are cleaning the stains from your carpet mostly carpets are come up in light colors so sometimes to taking care of your carpet means that you need to put extra care and effort by vacuuming and dry cleaning it on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. But what if during this time, your carpet affected by a stain and plus your carpet color is also light? What will you do then?


Honestly saying, not all the time you can dry clean your carpet as the first thing is it really cost you, secondly, it also affects on the life of the carpet and continuously dry cleaning also become the reason of your carpet roughness.


To consider this all, today in this article, I come up with some quick and effective home base tricks and techniques through which, you can easily clean your carpet and get rid of carpet stains without spending a lot of amount of carpet services and dry cleaning.

So let’s get the ball rolling and explore the solutions together.


Tips and tricks to get rid of common carpet stains


1. One highly effective trick that for surely removes your common carpet stains within a few minutes is a detergent or dishwashing trick with vinegar and soda.


For applying this trick, what you all need to do is simply take a one spoon liquid dishwasher/ detergents with some warm water and min it well, once you have mixed it mannerly then add some vinegar and also few amounts of soda on that mixture and then mix them all well. Once you have done with mixing then take a damp cotton cloth and start blotting it over the stain areas. Make sure that you aren’t rubbing it on the stain.


You can take a spray bottle and put your mixture in it and then spray it and blot. You can repeat this process until you start getting a result. Most of the times you start getting a result of removing the stains within minutes, and most of the times, it takes 20 to 30 minutes as it depends on the stain.


But doing this process means you will definitely get rid of the stain. After this, you can dry and vacuum that specific area of stain mannerly.


2. A second alternative approach is applying a soda. You can also directly apply a soda on your carpet stain and then blot it with the help of a cloth. Similarly, you can also mix soda with water or put it over the stain as it also works in the same way and helps you to remove the stain from your carpet.


But in case you can’t be able to arrange soda, then what else you need to do is white wine. White wine also does the same thing like the soda but make sure that once you realize that the stain is completely removed from your carpet then absorb the remaining fluid of white wine or soda water with the help of your cotton cloth or even from the kitchen absorbent paper.


After this, dry that stain area properly so that it gives you a feeling of clean and fresh like the new one.


3. Another quick trick which you can apply Is a vinegar with water. You can easily add vinegar drops in your water and dab it on the stained area. Make sure you are not rubbing or scrubbing it. In all the tricks what you all need to do is simply dab it with the help of a cotton cloth. By doing this, you will see the result of reducing the satin within couple of minutes.


After doing this, don’t forget to dry that specific area


At last, the above-mentioned tricks are super easy, and you can easily find these ingredients at your home. So like there is no need to spend an extra amount of money just for the sake of carpet stain cleaning.


Simply try these tricks at your home, and you will see the amazing and incredible stain removing results on your carpet without any asking.


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