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Stop Making These Five Vacuum Cleaning Mistakes that Ruin your Carpet



You know that vacuum cleaning keeps a carpet sparkly clean, but are you sure you are doing it right? As simple to address as the chore seems, vacuum cleaning should be done properly to get optimal results. To make the most of all benefits vacuum cleaning ensures, try to avoid these five common vacuuming mistakes you might be guilty of.


Discover these effective strategies to avoid the five common errors that can severely damage your carpet while vacuuming.


Don’t skip hidden surfaces

While vacuuming, how often do you address those hard-to-reach areas behind the couch or under the bed? You probably skip cleaning such awkward spaces, which is a big mistake. If left untended for a long time, dust and debris keep piling up there, making your home unsightly and unhealthy. To stay safe, ensure you go over hidden areas with the vacuum as often as possible, preferably once a week. If your furniture can be easily relocated, move the pieces to get full access to awkward spaces.


Don’t rush through the job

To ensure you’ve eliminated all contamination from your carpeted floors, do your best to vacuum clean slowly enough. Rushing through the chore means dust and pollution will stay trapped in the fibres, compromising your carpet's healthy home environment and lifespan. Surely you want to get over with vacuum cleaning in a few minutes, but this means doing a superficial job. You need to take your time and slowly vacuum each nook of your carpet, addressing the surface a few times from a different angle. This way, you will collect even deeply embedded dirt that would otherwise keep hiding in the carpet.


Don’t overfill the vacuum

If your pricey vacuum cleaner fails to lift as much dirt as it used to or makes funny sounds, chances are you forgot to empty the canister. No matter how expensive, a poorly maintained vacuum cleaner stands no chance against a full bag or container, resulting in compromised suction power. To keep your quality vacuum in excellent working order, don’t allow the canister or the bag to get more than half full. Empty those regularly so the machine can meet your expectations for a functional appliance.


If you are not used to decluttering your floors before vacuum cleaning, you risk causing serious damage to your vacuum. Don’t let clutter sit.

Your vacuum cleaner can certainly do a lot for the durability of your carpet, yet you shouldn’t try collecting everything with the machine. Large objects like coins or toys lying on the carpet should never be vacuumed; you need to check the floors before turning the vacuum cleaner on. Once the floors are clutter-free, make sure you remove furniture that prevents you from moving easily with the vacuum. Bumping the vacuum into furniture is not the way to take care of your appliance, so try to remove any obstacles that may stay in your way while cleaning.


Don’t underestimate all the attachments

The various attachments of your vacuum cleaner come with the machine for a reason – they allow you to keep the carpet clean and so many other surfaces around the house too. If you never take advantage of the crevice attachment or the upholstery attachment of your vacuum, fix this mistake immediately. Putting the vacuum’s accessories to good use helps you to banish dust and allergens from the furniture, the mattress, the curtains, and even the light fixtures, thus removing germs and bacteria from the house.


Make your home a tidier place to live by steering clear of these typical vacuum cleaning mistakes lots of people tend to make.


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