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Try these 5 Tips for a Stain-free Carpet


A carpet covered with stains can make your place look unwelcoming and neglected. While keeping carpeted floors stain-free could be tough, you must learn smart tricks to minimise carpet staining to enjoy a nice-looking home.

Check the tips below to prevent serious carpet staining in the future:

Remove spills immediately

Untreated spills or spills you have addressed too late are likely to turn into tough carpet stains or, in some cases, even permanent ones. To avoid challenging carpet stains, remember to get rid of carpet spills as soon as possible. If you spill your morning coffee on the carpet or your beloved pet has just had an accident on the carpeted floor, immediately absorb the liquid spills with paper towels or a clean towel, then move on with the proper stain removal treatment. Doing so allows you to prevent the spill from settling in the carpet’s fibres, causing stubborn carpet staining.

Work gently on the spills

while your quick reaction to a spill on the carpet is crucial, addressing the spill with a reasonable cleaning method is just as important. Many homeowners rub or scrub the carpet spill to absorb more of the mess, but this is not the right approach to tackle carpet spills. Rubbing or scrubbing will only push the spill deeper into the carpet’s fibres, causing even more serious carpet problems. To keep the carpet stain-free in the long run, just blot spills gently without applying lots of pressure. Work slowly, addressing the mess from its corners and moving towards the centre. Once you have absorbed the spill safely, apply a reliable stain treatment to prevent further issues.

Add area rugs

If an area of your carpeted floor faces more serious foot traffic, chances are this part of the carpet would wear off faster and get stained before you know it. What’s great about area rugs is that they are easy to keep clean and pretty affordable if a replacement is required. Plus, area rugs can be found in various colours and patterns, so you would face no trouble finding one that matches the interior of your place. Consider adding beautiful area rugs to keep the busiest parts of your carpet looking their best.

Take advantage of a carpet protectant 

These wonderful additions work as an extra layer added over the carpet that protects the surface beneath from nasty stains. Adding strain-resistant protection on the carpet may be expensive, but its results are worth the investment. Accidental spills and daily wear and tear would not stand a chance against the carpet protectant, as it serves as a barrier between the carpet and contamination. However, remember that to get optimum results, you should have the carpet deep cleaned before applying the treatment. Otherwise, already existing stains will remain trapped under the carpet protectant. On the other hand, if you are in the market for a brand-new carpet, consider purchasing one with stain protection already added to the solution.

Have the carpet cleaned by the pros  

Have the carpet been deep cleaned by the pros at least once or twice per year to preserve the surface free from stains and pollution? Have the carpet cleaned regularly – if your carpeted floors are subjected to severe foot traffic every day, or you find it challenging to banish old stains, then hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is your best bet. Expert carpet cleaners own the knowledge and equipment to eliminate even the toughest stains, ensuring a sparkly clean carpet for months.

Carpet stains can be adamant about keeping at bay, but sticking to these cleaning tips will help you maintain a stain-free carpet for much longer.

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