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Expert Carpet Cleaners Share Strategies for Dealing with Dusty Carpets and Rugs


Quality carpets look gorgeous and provide extra comfort, but they attract a huge amount of dust. If you have just purchased your first carpet, get ready to ensure serious maintenance so that the air at home stays healthy. To reduce dust exposure indoors, follow these tips for squeaky clean rugs and carpets:


  • Pick the right rug – with the great variety of rugs and carpets on the market, you will undoubtedly find a perfect pattern for your interior. Although appearance matters a lot, it does not only look that you should focus on. Rugs’ threads are designed differently, and while some models can repel dust, others tend to keep it trapped. So when hunting for a brand-new rug, consider foot traffic at home. If you intend to install a rug or a carpet on a premise with significant foot traffic, pick a loop pile solution. If dust exposure in the room is limited, a cut pile will do the job just fine.


  • Dust first – When keeping the floors dust-free for longer, remember to always dust before you vacuum clean. Dealing with the chores in the opposite order means a certain amount of dust will inevitably land on your carpet after vacuuming, making it harder for you to sustain a dust-free environment at your place. Start cleaning higher areas like light fixtures and top shelves to minimise dust on the floors. Go over those surfaces using only a damp microfiber cloth to lift as much dust as possible. When done, you can thoroughly vacuum clean the carpeted floor as the last step of your list of chores.


  • Vacuum regularly – as one of the best carpet cleaning strategies, vacuum cleaning should be performed the right way to do its magic. A great rule of thumb for a dust-free carpet is to vacuum clean it at least once or twice weekly in all directions, addressing the carpet from a different angle. When vacuuming, don’t rush through the job. Take your time so that suction can collect a large amount of dirt and deeply embedded dust.


  • Keep shoes off – many people have the habit of keeping their shoes on at home, yet this is not a healthy choice. Outdoor shoes track many germs, dust and dirt inside, and those pollutants find their way on the rug. To prevent that, make it a habit to take your shoes off the moment you walk home. Instead of stepping with your grimy footwear on the carpet, take advantage of the comfy slippers you use only indoors.


  • Use the carpet beater – light rugs made of thinner threads can be taken outside from time to time, and with the help of your carpet beater, you can get rid of dust stuck in the rug. Just be careful with the force you employ, as your rug’s gentle fibres can get damaged if you are not careful with the carpet beater. 


  • Call the pros – having carpeted floors treated professionally. Has the carpet been professionally cleaned once or twice a year to preserve it fresh for a long time? goes a long way to prolong their longevity, as well as to keep unwanted bacteria at bay. You should realise hiring professional carpet cleaners is not related to just having tough stains eliminated from the carpet. Booking an expert service will significantly reduce dust at home since professional carpet cleaning equipment can extract all pollutants trapped in the fibres.


Dust is a nasty pollutant that can seriously affect your rugs and carpets, but you can adopt these expert strategies and properly manage dust at home.


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