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6 Tools that can Help Your Carpet Cleaning Efforts Greatly


Keeping the carpet clean is never an easy job. You need to rely on smart cleaning tricks to deal with dust, grime and all sorts of stains that threaten to ruin your beautiful carpets. Of course, the most effective cleaning tools should also be employed for a fresh, vibrant carpet. Here is a list of cleaning tools and ingredients that will let you banish messes from the carpet like a pro:


  • Baking soda – is an eco-friendly, perfectly healthy natural ingredient you should use when faced with oily stains on the carpet. Baking soda is an absorbent component and once sprinkled on a greasy mess, it can lift and remove the stain safely. Just sprinkle the affected area of your carpet and let the baking soda sit for a while, then vacuum clean. Baking soda is also the right way to go if nasty carpet smells bother you. Again, sprinkle the ingredient on the carpet, let it sit for several hours and vacuum clean to collect residue.


  • Toothbrush – have you ever used an old toothbrush to clean bathroom tiles or remove grime from hard-to-reach surfaces at home? If you have, you know how effective a toothbrush can be and you should utilise this cool cleaning tool for carpet cleaning. As you have sprinkled baking soda on a carpet stain, scrub it gently to work the ingredient into the spill and boost its cleaning potential. Remember to always use a clean, soft toothbrush, or else you risk damaging the carpet’s fibres.


  • Ice cubes – ice cubes are perfect for tackling sticky spills on the carpet like candle wax or chewing gum. Place an ice cube on the affected part of your carpet, let it melt and you will be able to remove the mess effortlessly. To tackle the task even faster, grab a blunt knife and gently scrape off the residue. After that try to dry the carpet completely, as carpets don’t tolerate moisture. Keep your blunt knife close by – it is great for removing bulky carpet stains like chocolate or curry sauce spills.


  • Towels – given the fact that carpets don’t tolerate moisture, you need to have a reliable tool to keep the surface dry all the time. Whether you want to absorb a liquid stain before proceeding with the right treatment or you have just finished rinsing the carpet, make sure you employ a clean towel or paper towel to preserve the carpet as dry as possible. A dry carpet reduces the chance of mould and mildew growing underneath, so never underestimate carpet moisture. If you decide to count on a cotton towel to absorb liquids from the carpet, always use a white one to prevent transferring colours from the towel to the carpet. As for paper towels, they should also be white to avoid dye transfer.


  • Rubber gloves – rubber gloves are what keep your skin protected when handling a messy cleaning job like oven cleaning, but they are also a must-have tool for carpet cleaning. If you live with a furry pet, you would certainly appreciate the benefits of rubber gloves, since you can easily remove pet hair from the carpet by just going over the surface with your gloves on. Rub the gloves on the carpet, collect pet hair, and then dip the gloves in hot water to set them free from gathered hair.


  • Sticky tape – sticky tape is another carpet cleaning tool to banish pet hair from the surface. Pad the affected carpet area with the tape and remove stubborn hairs stuck in the carpet. Other types of debris like pollen particles also can be eliminated from the carpet with the same trick.


The right carpet cleaning tools go a long way to simplify carpet maintenance. Use these six tools smartly for a long-lasting, spotless carpet.


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