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5 Vacuum Cleaning Tips to Use from Carpet Cleaning Pros


Did you know that vacuum cleaning the carpet can prolong its lifespan? Going over the carpet with your vacuum is one of the most effective cleaning methods to remove dust and dirt from the surface, thus extending the durability of the carpet. Although vacuum cleaning might seem like a simple chore to handle, you should try a few expert tips and improve your carpet cleaning routine. Here is how to become an expert on vacuum cleaning:


  • Vacuum clean regularly – it is a carpet cleaning rule expert cleaners would never get tired of insisting on – stick to a regular cleaning routine. The longer you postpone vacuum cleaning the carpet, the more stubborn messes become, therefore they might damage your carpet’s fibres. Furthermore, air quality indoors becomes worse if you don’t remove dust from the carpet frequently. To make the most of your precious carpet, keep it clean with a reasonable vacuum cleaning routine. Professionals believe vacuum cleaning the carpet once a week is enough for maintaining the addition in great shape, but if you live with a big family, tackle the chore two or three times per week.


  • Pick hidden dust – if the surface under your furniture is carpeted, don’t forget to vacuum clean it too. While these areas are tougher to reach, you don’t have to deal with the task every time you clean the carpet. Vacuum clean under furniture pieces at least once a month to eliminate buildup dust and improve air quality at home. In case you are dealing with relatively light pieces, you can even relocate them for a while so that you can give the carpet a thorough cleanup with the vacuum.


  • Get the best vacuum cleaner – and do your best to keep it in perfect working condition. Vacuum cleaning the carpet with a powerful machine goes a long way in extending the lifespan of the rug, that’s why investing in a brand-new vacuum is a purchase worth making. Surely the latest models might seem quite expensive, yet preserving the carpet is crucial in the long run. In addition to dealing with the job effectively, quality vacuum cleaners allow you to complete the chore in no time. However, don’t forget to provide decent maintenance for your machine. Make sure you always start with an empty bag or container, otherwise the vacuum cleaner might fail to perform as expected.


  • Address stains first – even the highest quality vacuum cleaner wouldn’t be able to clean the carpet if the surface is covered with stains. Sticky or greasy messes should be removed from the carpet before vacuum cleaning, or else the machine wouldn’t pick dust and dirt stuck in the rug. So before you grab the vacuum cleaner, inspect the carpet for nasty stains. Treat the stains using safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to prepare the surface for vacuuming.


  • Has the carpet occasionally been cleaned by the pros – taking advantage of a professional carpet cleaning service has amazing benefits not only for the looks of your rug but for the healthy environment as well? At least once a year, book a professional carpet cleaning company to eliminate all allergens trapped in your carpet. While learning how to vacuum clean like a pro can set the carpet free from dust and dirt, relying on the experts will boost the result of your efforts by deep cleaning the carpet.


Follow these vacuum cleaning tips experts recommend for keeping the carpet clean. Vacuum clean the carpet as often as possible to banish dust and dirt from the surface. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner and keep it in top shape. Address carpeted surfaces under your furniture. Before you start vacuum cleaning, take care of oily or sticky messes on the carpet. From time to time have your carpet professionally treated to provide the best care.


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